Monday, May 11, 2009


Maps, dozens and dozens of maps.
I want North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Road maps, maps showing elevations, maps during the day, maps at night, satellite images and transit plans.
I want maps of the stars, the northern hemisphere, the southern, our galaxy the Milky Way, the solar system and a huge one displaying our universe.
I want to be drowned in the incomprehensible vastness of the cosmos, where a dot is not a planet or a star, but a million galaxies. each one of them containing hundreds of billions of stars. I want guides to the planets, obsolete charts of Percival Lowell's canals on Mars, and diagrams of the craters on the moon.
I'll plaster graphical representations of the ocean floor and the mid-oceanic ridge all over my walls. I don't want to stop until not a single speck of this boring white wall can be seen anymore. To my left will be Ursa Major and Orion, and to my right The Marianas Trench.

But mostly, I want to feel like I'm at every place anywhere that I ever have wanted, or ever will want to be, so that if I don't make it at least I can imagine.


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